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Hey, I like your game. The combination of your art style and the slice of life genre really brings your VN together. I find it kinda soothing in a way? It's a nice feeling like relaxing in your bed while sipping on hot cocoa (if that makes sense).

And your characters are v cute, escpecially Haru & Ryu, and I think you write character dynamics well. I also like the small tidbits about your side characters and I find myself wishing I could get to know some of them more... coughstudentcouncilvpcough

So yeah. Thank you for the experience!


Aw thank you ! I'm happy you like the game and you had a good experience playing it ~
I wish I could talk more about all the side characters backstories/lives, but I do sometimes on the Discord server, so don't hesitate to join if ever you are curious (^ O^)/
Thank you again  for your kind comment, it made my day ! <3

Hi, I love it so much! its so cute <3

although I have a little problem running it on my MacBook Air, it shows me some kind of error? there's an import error saying there's no module named _renypsteam. 

im really sorry if im just making a dumb mistake since im kinda new to this but could anyone possibly help me? 

Don't worry, don't worry ! Thank you for reporting this issue, it should be alright now (^ O^)/
Please tell me if it still doesn't work ~

Thank you so much !!!<3

the issue is resolved and I can play again!, again thank you so much!

So cute <3

The game doesn't work in linux, but is not necesary to fix it. I use wine and works perfect.

I'll practice my english with this game, thanks for working in this beautiful game

Oh no... I'm sorry it doesn't work for you, you're the first person for whom there is an issue... But I hope you'll be able to still enjoy it somehow ;-;
I'll try to see if I can do something about it asap !


Alright, it should be okay now for the Linux version (^ O^)/

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Okay, so I'm currently playing your game and I just want to say: I LOVE IT SO MUCH <3 

As a writer, I'm in awe to your writing skills. Seriously, it's phenomenal. 

I went for Toshio first and it was like all of my favorite combination of tropes in one route :') I was laughing and squealing like crazy the whole way through. 

I'm so sad ended so abruptly though, is this truly the end, or will we ever see an epilogue for them? :( 

I'm definitely going to look forward to any content by you in the future, you're amazing! <3 


Thank you so much for loving the game so far ! <3
I'm really touched that you like the writing, but let's not forget about the amazing proofreaders and editors who helped me fixing mistakes and awkward sentences when they encountered any (^ O^)/

As for an epilogue... unfortunately no, there is no such thing planned in the future. Though ! I'm planning of doing a remake and add more content (such as the characters childhood, a glimpse of their adulthood after the credits, and, potentially, an extra route with one of the side character) and Fujiwara 2 as well, with new characters. Fingers crossed I'll be able to release it someday. You'll have to be patient though, since it will take some time to be done x)

Right now I'm working as the lead director of a new game, called Colors of Fate and which is more mature content than Fujiwara Bittersweet and taking place in a fantasy world.

Thank you again for your kind comment and support, and I hope you will love the future projects as well when they'll be released ~

omg that's so awesome! I'll definitely keep an eye out for the remake, Fujiwara 2 & Colors of Fate! 

Also, of course, everyone who worked with you on this game are all amazing too <3  

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I love this game so much! I've started so many otomes and never finished a single one, but Fujiwara Bittersweet is so unique! I've completely every route(I'm almost finished with Toshio's sweet one; I was upset with that fictional mythical because of his train actions) and I can truly say I fell in love with each character. Even the nonplayable ones. Granted I might have went a bit*lot* out of order but it was still amazing to see how all of the plots connected together. Absolutely an amazing game with an adorable artstyle, with a fantastic characters! Would definitely play and support any of your works since you have such talent. <3

Thank you so much to you, for your kind comment and support ! It makes me really happy and your words are warming my heart <3

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my favorite route was Haru's he was really well written and i just have a thing for feminine boys- ANYWAY- THE STORY, THE PLOTS, THE EVERTHIINGGG it's so amazinggg

I became so attached to all the characters- Toshio's sweet ending truly is bittersweet :pensive:

The art is so cute and adorable yet simple, i love it sm.

Aya is an adorable protag i love her too.

all in all great game 999999/10 would replay again and in fact i replay it when i'm bored-

(but i'm always so shocked when the end screen comes on since it doesn't fade in- i'm always like: "WAIT HOLD ON THAT'S IT-" lmao)

Thank you for your kind comment, it means a lot for me that you love the game that much ! <3
Also happy to hear that you liked Aya and all the characters ! And relieved that you liked Haru ~
Aaaand, yes... the abrupt ends is something that I plan to fix in the remake, sorry again about that (>__<)
Thank you again for your kind comment and feedback, hope you will love the future projects as well ! (^ o^)/


I'd honestly love to say that I didn't expect to get so attached to each character in the game. I love how Aya is in each route, but how she's a solid well-rounded character too who's had her own share of problems growing up.  I didn't mind not being able to choose a name for the MC because I found that throughout playing otome games I prefer for them to have a default name to go with. 

LL wise I'd say I honestly loved all routes! I was pleasantly surprised by Haru's route, but I found the way it was written to be great. It's honestly hard for me to pick a favorite because I think each LL had their own quirk about them. Toshio was sad and bittersweet in regards to everything that's happened to him, but I'm glad they were able to develop some sort of stability for him. Ikki was just fun and pretty tsun.  Kenji was so naive and innocent but it was fun to see how events transpired for him to mature. I loved Yuta's route just because of the pressure of being someone you're not just to be accepted into society and how the MC is just like "I prefer who you were hiding." Totally loved that. For Ryu's route, I honestly liked it and understood why the play order suggested him last. I don't regret it.

Overall, I found the story in each LL to be interesting. I like how in Ryu's route and Yuta's it hints at Haru and how he shouldn't be hiding who he is either. But it gets really fleshed out in Haru's route when he wasn't even sure who he wants to be either. I loved the game. I'm glad it was free! But honestly, I wouldn't have minded paying for it either. The art style was super cute! I liked the colors. 

I think my only complaint was how abruptly each ending was. In particular for Ryu after the final bit he says it just cuts to "SWEET END" I probably yelled like "THAT'S IT!?" But I can't say the experience wasn't fun!

I read that you may remake it or may not. You also might have future projects in the future. I can't wait to check out anything else you make!!! Thank you so much for the game!!!


Thank you so much for your time and loving the game ! (^ O^)/

I'm really happy you loved all the routes and Aya, it means a lot for me and it's really touching when people can see how much I love my project too ! (> w <)
As for the endings, yes, I myself found them rather abrupt too, but... I didn't know how to end it properly ;-;
Though, it's on my ToDo list of things to improve for the remake (crossing fingers I'll be able to do it, I really hope so!), alongside with other little things which need to be fixed or added here and there.
And if you want to be kept updated, don't hesitate to join the Discord server. I try my best to talk regularly about Fujiwara and the future projects ~
It's quieter these days because I'm on a break, but we habitually make theories and fangirling about the characters most of the time. Well, mostly me about Toshio, but everyone there is super enthusiastic and nice !

Thank you again for your kind comment and support, it's comments like yours which keep me motivated and smiling all day ! <3

You're very much so welcome! I honestly had been interested in it for the longest time considering the cutesy pastel like art style! I loved it a lot more than anticipated for sure and liked how you handled different topics in each route!

And I will definitely join the discord when I get the chance! Maybe when it's not so late at night! Hopefully you'll get the chance to do so! I did see that you made art your self? That's like a lot of dedication and time that went into it. It honestly shows that you put a lot of love into the game! Thank you so much! I felt bad for pointing out that some endings were abrupt ;-; because I read you did the art and other things so I was like "maybe there just wasn't enough help for them to be able to finish it." 

I'm glad you took the time out to reply to me and encourage me to join the discord! I hope you enjoy your break too! It's no trouble at all to drop a comment especially when reading how kind you are to the others who comment and leave wonderful messages your way!

Of course ! I always like seeing comments/feedback and answering them ! It's really fun and motivating (^ O^)/
Also, don't feel forced to join the server, but if ever, I and the other members will welcome you there ~

I was really pleasantly surprised by this  game!

I hadn't seen much of the promotional material, demos, or anything like that for this particular otome, so I downloaded the game without really any expectations at all. Actually, upon discovery that you couldn't change the protagonist's first name, I almost immediately uninstalled it again right then and there, haha—turns out, I really like to be able to choose the MC's name, which I didn't realize until this instance that this was the case since it's usually an option by default—but I decided to continue and I'm glad I did.

I enjoyed the pacing of each route and that the MC took her time to get to know each person. That each LI had a bit more dimension and you didn't discover what was "unique" about them right away was a breath of fresh air. I especially appreciated that each route wasn't the end-all be-all when it comes to getting to know the characters; most of them were friends or acquaintances with each other, so it makes sense that little tidbits of information about them would be revealed even if they weren't the ones being currently romanced. Sometimes each character feels like their own "island" in otome games; you discover absolutely nothing about them outside of their own route. The fact that this one is different is a great move.

All-in-all, I think that this game was absolutely lovely. The developer clearly put a lot of time and effort into this (free!) game and I'm absolutely so glad that they did. I still think that being able to change the protagonist's name would have been a great addition; I didn't think that her first name being Aya was so integral to the plot that it really needs to be the only choice, and some players (like me, apparently) are really attached to being able to name the characters when we play these kinds of games.  At the end of the day though, that sort of decision is up to the developer and doesn't at all detract from what makes this game a pleasant experience. Excellent work! ♡

Thank you so much for your time, feedback and kind comment! <3
I'm glad you decided to play although it wasn't possible to change the MC's name too ! I know it might be really frustrating for a lot of people not being able to choose their own name and I apologize in advance because I planned to have a set name for the next title(s) of the Fujiwara series, BUT I also plan to let people choose how they want to be called in all the future projects which aren't related to this series (^ o^)/
Or rather, almost all the future projects. The one right next on the list also have a set name for the MC and I'm still debating if I should let people choose, because her name actually have something to do with the plot and it wouldn't be accurate anymore if she ends up being called otherwise x)

Thank you again for your time and for appreciating the game despite its flaws, it means a lot for me ! (^ w ^)

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toshio: trash

me: ugh so annoying

also me: („ಡωಡ„)


Same here when I wrote his route xD
In the end he became my favorite baby ;-;

i wish i could see the 2nd part of this beautiful game <3 (//▽//)  is it going to be a 2nd part??ヽ(°〇°)ノ


Not really a second part, but I do plan to release a remake someday with bonuses and more details O/
Also ! Thank you for the compliment, it makes me really happy that you liked the game ! (> w <)


Is it possible for Toshio to get his game?


You mean... A whole game just for him ? x)


YES! His route was so good and love his character.

And it ended with us asking questions like are we gonna see him again or do we move on, so that's why I asked if he can get his own game


Sadly, he will not get his own game (u__u)
BUT ! I plan to make extras for each characters in the remake, when I'll release it. Something like a tiny sneak peek of how is their life years later when they are adults, after the Sweet Route's credits ~


That's good enough for me! As long as I see they adulthood is good enough for me.

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Here's something I really liked! In every character route there was always a bit more backstory on a different character as well, some people must complain about them 'stealing the show' or 'having too much information even though it isn't their route' but personally I love it! Its like, there's multiple character routes and in every one you get attached to the character you chose. Once your done, you probably get sad, right? But you always get to see and learn more about them as soon as you move onto the next route, while your getting attached to the character in the route you chose at the same time, and it just repeats! Its exciting in my opinion :) (sorry for confusing wording in some sentences haha, hopefully you manage to understand though.)

I also have extremely mixed feelings with Ryu...honestly, I didn't really mind the personality change in fact it just brings out character. But the look change really saddened me, a lot, and I don't really like it, that's just a personal opinion, though~! BUT I fell in love with his personality over looks the farther I got into his route! It really touched me and he didn't even get any less adorable hehe, took a bit to get used to it though!

I'm extremely attached to this game and after I'm done I'm definitely considering playing it a second time just to see all the character development again and get to see the characters I got attached too in action again!

(Oh, and not to mention the art style! I'm obsessed with it!)

The only problem is that I'm super confused about why Ryu burnt down Aya's house in Kenji's route? Its very clear that it was Ryu, they said the suspect had pink hair and Ryu recently then asked where Aya lived. Now I'm just sitting here wondering why Ryu did that and why he'd do such a thing if nothing went on between him and Aya. Although, I do suspect it might've been Ryu's sister! I don't remember her name but I think it ended with 'eko' at the end or something.

Edit: I realized that your making a remake reading some of the comments! Its okay if your gonna save it for then but...will this question eventually be solved? Because I'm dying to hear the answer to it.

Aaaah sorry for the late response and thank you for loving the game (and welcome on the discord again, too !) (> w <)
I'm happy you liked the game and... yup, I'll try to answer some questions in the remake (most of them in bonus stories when you complete a route, if possible)~
But for Ryu, in fact, I deliberately left a big question mark about if he did it or not. There is a canon answer, but I also wanted to keep the players in the doubt because they can actually think whatever they want. If it's really annoying not to know though and that I have more complaints about it, I might consider being more clear about this situation in the remake x)

Thank you again for playing and enjoying the game (and the art styme as well)! (^ o^)/



I'm not sure I understand your problem, but the only other route beside the Sweet Route is the Friend Route (> w <)
In each characters main route you can gain either points for the sweet route (which appears on screen in the characters color, blue for example for Ikki, red for Toshio, etc) or the friend route (which points appear in Aya's color, yellow).
I don't know if it was the answer you were waiting for though, so maybe it didn't help at all xD

P.S : The friend route is less detailed/advanced than the sweet route, so I tend to say to people that they don't miss a lot if they only play the sweet one (é o è)

Thanks for answering me even tho I research after I made the comment. Thank anyways that was nice of you

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I just finished the game and I really want to say that... 


I'm absolutely in love with all the routes and characters! Their characterization?? Marvelous! Their sprites? Gorgeous! I saw the old art of this game and I'm glad you went through with the current art because it's just... really nice? Like they all look fluffy and cute but actually the story plots are quite heavy but but that's just the beauty in it ;;-;; I'm sorry I'm not making any sense but I just absolutely love it all.

Big shoutout to the amazing opening too, I really love the song, wish I could listen it on spotify or download it?? It sounds like legit anime opening to me, which is so rare because most, if not all otome games I played have really bad opening songs. Thak you for that. Made me fell even more in love with the game.

Now on to the characters and routes. From the beginning I was very interested in Haru and was about to play his route first, but I ended up following the recommended playing sequence and I must say that I'm very glad that I did that. I intensely dislike Ikki and Toshio first, especially Toshio. But after playing their routes I was pleasently surprised and ended up falling in love with them both. I was a little bit too excited with Toshi's weird um fetish ahaha oops sorry might just discovered that I might be a S... But yea! Haru's route didn't disappoint me at all I love him a lot but the turning point that made me love the game even more is Ryu's route. He's so precious I wanna hug him and squeeze him so baddddd like oh my god PRECIOUS. His ending had me screaming "NOOO I WANT MORE". The other side characters are well-written, too, I love Ichigo. AND OUR GIRL AYA!! I love how you write them and I love how strong she is and just.. how amazing she is ahhh.

Story-wise there are still some parts that are still a mystery to me... I hope I'll learn about it later or maybe I missed some parts and gotta reply hmm...

In conclusion my three fav are Ryu, Haru, and Toshi with Ryu as number 1 yay! It's not like I dislike the other guys, but they are just.. my fav you know? Gotta have favoritism in this world ahaha. Well I apologize that this comment is surprisingly quite long haha idk wether u have time to read it or not but I'm happy if you read it because I'm so thankful to you for making this game! Have a great day and good luck with your incoming projects and life! :)

Thank you for all the love you're sending to the project ! <3
And don't worry, I LOVE reading wall of text about how people feel after playing ~

I'm glad you liked the opening as well ! It was fun working on it and everyone who helped were amazing !
I actually wrote the english lyrics myself first, made them translated into Japanese by someone (RoseVerte, she's also otome dev so don't hesitate to take a look to her projects !) then worked with the adorable singer and awesome composer to turn it into an actual song ! It really was a cool experience (^ w ^)

I'm happy you loved all the characters too, and yes... to tell you the truth, I also wanted more for baby Toshi and Ryu after being done writing their routes xD
In another hand, I kind of... made open endings for every characters on purpose, like that people could imagine whatever they want for their future. Even though they actually have a canon future (that I miiiiiiight show a tiny bit of glimpse in the potential remake, but still not sure about it), I'm always curious about what people might imagine for them. We're discussing it time to time on the discord server and it's a lot of fun ! x)

As for the mysteries of some parts... yup, some things aren't clear at all, but it's because I wanted to save it for when I'd write (and share) the characters' childhood, most probably as bonus in the remake (° v °)

In any case, thank you again so much for this wall of text, feedback and kind comment, because it did genuinely make me happy to read it ! Comments like yours and support really are my motivation so please, don't hesitate when you have a lot to say ! ~

Ah I'm glad if my comment can make you even a tiinyy little bit happy ahaha. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my very long comment with an equally long comment! :3 Yess, there are lots mysteries that I suspect (?) about but I need confirmation for my theories and I'm hoping I can find out about it in remake haha, have a great day miss karamelow! :D

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some spoilers ahead

(I'm already sorry for my grammar english is like my third language ^^;)

I made an account just to write this.

Oh mY F-Ing GoSH iLOvEthIs

 it's been a while since i've played such a good game~

Ryu, kenji and haru peaked my interest at first but of course with my luck they were the last ones :P But i started with the Recommended order like a good player~

Honestly i did not expect that i will like Ikki's and toshio's routes since i hated them after the prologue... BuT bOy oH BoY Was I wRonG Ikki is adorable, his sister is adorable Like OmG- 

And Toshio was was an emotional rollercoaster~ (I have a hate-love relationship with open endings uwu WhY dId YoU leAve BabY ToshIO wHY-)

yuta the gentle otaku boy, i laughed and cried so much on his route, I didn't really have much expectations for his route either but it was really interesting and cute!

Haru, bless his soul xD i love his sassy cold attitude so much. He iS a litTlE aDorAblE jElLy  bEaN  

Baby kenji, the purest of them all~ I love this gentle boy so much ;-; and he gets flustered so much xD

happy birthday baby ryu~ヾ(≧▽≦*)o  Tho i wish there was an explaintion on why he took drugs even befor the fight, I guessed before the start that he was probably going to be depressed but like he kinda wasn't tho?  

he is a precious robot xD but i loved his route very much and his moments with aya were adorable~

I love those moments in each route when they get jealous xD

And last but not least Aya. She is an amazing protagonist with a wonderful personality, she is a cute and strong cinnamon roll that can kick ass >:3 

the art is beautiful and cute~ there were some anatomy mistakes, but anatomy is hard so i understand xD the backrounds were very cute and i really liked their simple style. The stories are all absolutely wonderful! the abrupt endings, honestly at first i was surprised but then i just got a good laugh at it every time

Of course every game has it mistakes and this had too, but this was an amazing game and experience. I get really emotional and emotional attached and this game was no diffrent xD Honestly i love the people who made this game (I love you strangers!<3 ) i related so much to some of the characters, I hope i'll get to play more of your future projects as well! 

Thank you! <3

Thank you for loving the game so much even with its defaults ! (^ O^)/

I'm happy you loved all the routes ! I had difficulties writing some of them (Haru and Ryu were the most difficult, in my opinion), but thanks to the proofreaders and editors, it turned out super pleasant to the eyes ! ♡
As for the anatomy problems, you aren't the first person noticing it. I'm sorry and I hope it didn't waste too much the experience ;-;
I'm actually currently redrawing all of it for the remake and to get better for the future projects, so finger crossed people would like it x)

And yes ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYU ! I'll make a special annoucement later today on a devlog, alongside wishing him happy b-day (^ w ^)

Thank you again for your feedback and your kind comment, it really makes me happy ! ~ 


Wonderful game! Now Ikki is my new love ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ

I also really like Haru. Just think that I could have missed such a sweet route if there were no spoilers about Haru being a boy...

Thank you for such a cool game!


Thank you for loving the game !
Ikki is one of the people's favorite and Haru is surprisingly more appreciated than I thought at first, I'm glad (> w <)

Thank you for the kind comment ~


This game really draws you in! I have a huge collection of visual novels I have downloaded and Fujiwara Bittersweet is amazing. I liked Toshio's and Ryu's route the most. I'm wondering if Haru was born male but the feminine appearance was a disguise? Sorry I have a habit of skipping over information.

Thank you for playing and enjoying the game !
Hehe I'm glad you liked Toshio and Ryu the most, it makes me happy ! ~
As for Haru, I don't know if you played the whole route, but... more than a disguise, it's more like a way to feel more secure. Also it seems you are confused about Haru's gender even after playing the route although I thought it was rather clear after finishing the route (> w <)

In any case, thank you again for the kind comment !

Yup it was def my bad habit. 


okay, i NEVER expected to love this as much as i do, to be honest.
i haven't played all of the friendship routes yet, but--- i'll do it soon.

I'm going to start with the fact, that... i was a bad player and didn't listen to the proper order of routes. I was too angry at Ikki and Toshio in the prologue, after all.

So, I started with Yuta's route.
And I loved every second of this route.

Then I played Haru's route, and I fell in love even more.

What surprised me was the fact, that I actually really liked Ikki's route.

Toshio's ending is a bit... problematic, I guess? It wasn't bad but it didn't really change anything within Toshio, at least for me?

Kenji's and Ryu's routes were the most surprising for me. I thought I was ready for Ryu, because of all that build-up from other routes, but still... 

The only thing I can complain about is how suddenly they all end, like, just POOF, Sweet end. However, I know that it's not easy to make a game like that.

Despite that, it was a pretty good game, probably would replay in a few months?

Thank you for playing and loving the game ! <3
Haha yes, the abrupt endings... I'll try to fix it for the remake, for it to be more pleasant because it annoys me as well xD
I didn't figure out how to smooth it properly... (> x>)
But I'm happy you like it overall and hope you will like the future games as well ~

Thank you for your feedback and kind comment ! (^ o^)/


Thank you for making this game. I thought it was just gonna be a simple cute vn but it ended up being an emotional roller coaster. It's amazing and has become one of my favorites. The story really tugged on your heart strings. I ended up playing it for about 8-9 hours straight. 

I wish you luck on any future projects!  <3 <3 <3

Thanks to you for playing and loving the game <3
I'm happy you liked it this much and that it ended being one of your favorites !
Thank you again for your kind comment and support, I hope you will like the future projects as well (^ o^)/


I finally finished the whole game today. That was a pleasant experience! Thanks for creating this! I made a blog about it here: 

btw, is your real name Carmela? Just super curious. Your name in sounds so much like Carmela XD

Thank you so much for making a blog about Fujiwara Bitterwseet ! You are the first person doing a review about the game (at least which I'm aware of) and I'm really happy you liked it overall ~
I just finished to read your article and I'm taking notes about what confused/annoyed you. I'm planning to do a remake later, with a bit more details and extras screens (the CGs gallery for example + some bonuses) to try improving the story and backstories (^ w ^)
Also... nah, my real name is not Carmela x)

Thank you again for your time, precious feedback and kind comment !


maaaaan all i could say after playing all the route is just, <3<3<3Ryu<3<3<3<3

its a really fun game, played it for 2 days straight! cant believe that im  so in love with Ryu now,,, pleas he's so precious,,

Thank you for loving him this much ! 
I was afraid people might be disappointed after playing his route, but I'm glad it's not the case ! ~

Thank you again for your kind comment (^ w ^)


I've got to say this is probably one of my favorite games of all time! I loved everyone and played through the game as fast as possible- I really had no self control lol. I loved the artstyle and music- it's super cute!

Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked the game and the characters this much !
It really makes me genuinely happy when I see people saying that it's one of their favorite games (I squeal a bit each time) (> w <)

Thank you again for your kind comment, I hope you will like the future games too ~




Thank you so much ! It was hard and frustrating somehow because sometimes I wasn't able to make the backgrounds the way I wanted, same for the CGs and sprites. And I wanted to throw my computer through the window more than one billion times while writing the story and scripting it, but... I'm really REALLY hapy and relieved people do like the final result !
Let's not forget about the awesome composer, proofreaders and betatesters who are also part of the team to me, because the game would surely have been less pleasant to play without their precious help (^ w ^) <3

Thank you again for your kind comment, it means a lot for me ~

You're welcome!! Keep up the good work :D



Thank you so much for loving the game ! I'm happy you enjoyed it and you like Haru to the point of rereading the route <3
Thank you again for your kind comment ! (^ w ^)


This game is astounding. Honestly I was surprised at how emotional I got over the characters conflicts, Toshio's route especially had me bawling like toddler.  But I also couldn't help but crack up at some of the innuendos sprinkled around, I feel like you've achieved the perfect balance between the humor and the more serious moments. From the bottom of my heart I truly thank you for spending so much time dedicated to this game, it has been such a wonderful experience.  

P.S. I would have never expected Toshio to have masochistic tendencies, I found it highly amusing  to see him so submissive towards Aya XD.

P.P.S. Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much for your kind words and comment ! It really means a lot for me that you loved it that much <3
I'm glad you liked Toshio ! I wasn't sure if people would appreciate him more after his "twist", but fortunately it seems that most of the players did end up loving him very much x)

I'll keep trying my best for the future games I'm planning to do and hope you will like them as well. Thank you again (^ o^)/


aaaaa i completed 4/6 of the routes so far, and i told myself to wait and comment until after i finished all of them but i reeeeally couldn't help myself. 

i absolutely loved all the characters, and the side characters were all so cute and brought a whole new depth to the game itself. needless to say i got attached to everyone pretty quickly and i played haru's route twice to get the sweet ending bc it was my favorite quq 

thank you for creating such a lovely game, and i look forward to seeing more if you ever do decide to make another one!!! <33

Thank you for playing and loving the game ! <3
I'm happy you like all the characters so far and Haru to the point to play the route twice ! (° O °)

Thank you again for your kind comment, I hope you'll like the future projects as well since I'm planning to do more (don't hesitate to join the discord server if you are curious about what I'm doing beside) ~

(1 edit)

I enjoyed this game, however, I really disliked the abrupt open ended endings. I would have liked to see some epilogues for every route as well.  There is also some  anatomy issues with the art.  Music was beautiful.

other than that I loved it.

Sorry you disliked the endings, I hope it didn't waste too much the whole story to you (u___u)
As for the anatomy, haha... yes... I'm not the better at anatomy, but I plan to get better ^^"

But thank you for appreciating the game either way (^ w ^)

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I usually don't comment but I loved this game so much! Seriously,  I had ended up getting super attached to all the guys, so by the time the sweet route was over I was super heartbroken! Thanks so much for all the time you spent on this game, and I'm really excited to play whatever you work on next. P.S. I loved Haru and Toshio sm!

Oh no, sorry you were heartbroken ;-;
But also, thank you for your kind comment ! Also, I'm glad you love Haru and Toshio, because I was so sure they would be the ones who might receive the most hate/displeased comments about their routes x)


Wow, amazing! This was one of the best otome games that Ive played this year, and I play alot. The writing was fantastic and the art was very cute. Really great work! 

Thank you for playing  and loving the game!
I'm flattered you appreciated it this much ~


This was so good omg, have you worked on any games before this, I really want to play them!

Thank you for loving the game !
It's my first own game, but I plan to do more in the future (^ w ^)
I don't know if this information interest anyone, but for now I'm kind of taking a rest by only being the director for the next one. Though, I do plan to work on the art and writing for the one(s) after that again ~
The third project will probably be a "top view rpg-like", so if I'm competent enough, I might also be able to do the code and music myself. I'll try my best ! (è w é)

Thank you again ~

Yay! Looking forward to your future work :3


such a lovely game! played through all of the routes for about 10 hours straight and my heart has never felt so whole :') i've loved everyone but my favorites were definitely yuta and haru! their stories hit close to some of my own personal experiences and i adore the dynamic between each other. 

if i'm being honest, this is one of the best otome games i've played in awhile! so much love was put into this and it's such a blessing to be able to indulge in all of it ♡ i hope to see more of your work in the future!!


Thank you for playing and loving the game !
Woah you played 10hrs straight?! Hope you took time to rest... Now I feel concerned, but also super happy ! Thank you ! (> w <)
Also, it means a lot for me that you loved the game that much and that I was able to show my own love for it <3
I hope you'll like the future project(s) as well, thank you again for your kind comment ~

(1 edit) (+1)

I love this game so much!!!!  So far I've played every route, i haven't got Ikki's yet but my favorite is definitely Toshio, he's ending is sooo sad, I cried so much at the train scene. 

Haru is definitely second, I just love him so much, I was kinda disappointed when i found out he was boy cause i thought i would get to date a girl, but I also kinda really liked the twist. 

Thank you for playing and for loving the game so far !
Yes, Toshio don't really have a happy ending, but I promise he will actually be happy in the future, with Aya ! ^^
I'm glad Haru ended being your second fav despite the twist. I'm aware people might be disapointed but I'm glad no o,e actually hate this character ! (>__<)
Hope you'll love Ikki as well, he seems to be the favorite amongst the players so far (our little tsundere).

Thank you again for your kind comment and feedback ! ❤

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I really like Ikki too, i think he's tied with Haru, Ikki just just too adorable. I think i have a soft spot for boy tsunderes, just males ones tho, they're cute but the girls are really annoying, but there are a few exceptions.

I just love this game sooooooo much, it be hard for me to find something else that can't meet this level. Im so attached to all the characters. Haru, Ikki, Kenji and others. Especially Toshio, I still can't get over the fact he left. 

Lastly I would like to thank you for creating this game, I spent the last 3 days playing it, and let me tell you it was honestly the best 3 day of my life. I will be recommending this game to my friends. Thank you again, and I'm looking forward to your next project, hope it will be just as good or even better then this one. <3

I'm still not used to people thanking me for something I made, but it does make me super happy ! Thanks to you for loving the game so much and for all the praise and compliments! (> w <)


I've been wanting to play a new otome, then this game showed up I immediately play it and I must say even tho I haven't finish all the route, Fujiwara BitterSweet is SOOO CUTE! So far i've only played Ikki, Toshio, Yuta route and I must say that Toshio is definitely my favorite. Despite me not really a fan of the 'pet' thing, I really like his route cus it's so cute and funny and it makes me uwu. BUT HIS ENDING THOO why u end it like that D: but I still enjoyed it, no worries:D 

Thank you for making this game!! hope to see your next project :D

Thank you so much for your kind comment and feedback! <3

Haha yes, Toshio kind of has a rather frustrating ending, but... think how he would be happy from now on (^ o^)/
I promise he will ~

Also, thank you for looking forward for future project(s) ! There will be one (or two) more for sure! (> w <)


Hi again! (^o^)/ 

I've played you game and I really want to say that I love you so much for making this game.

 After a very long time I got a game that I could indulge myself without worrying or skipping parts. I cried so much on the routes that I can't even explain. I'm really happy that I got to play your game. 

And I want to ask you something. I really want to make a game with you and knowing everything you did for this game and how it turned out to be is surreal and I think that this game has really caught my attention. And I was looking for a game that will have so much potential. And you really passed  being new to all this if you are a beginner. I really loved it more than I can say. And the artwork was so amazing that I think I fell in love with all the characters, especially our cute Ichigo who helped us on our journey. And if you can then I'm begging you to make routes for extra characters like Asahi, Craft Club Prez and so on. 

I'm so gonna spread the news about this game. And if you have the time to work with me on a project then here's my discord-


In conclusion I'd like to say LOVED THE GAME. Fujiwara Bittersweet rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much ! I teared up a bit when I read your coment (> w <)
I'm really happy that you loved the game so much. I know I've already said it several time, but knowing that people love the story and the characters really means a lot for me! <3
I admit I was a bit anxious at first, since it was my first project, but my heart is filled with joy when I see all the positive feedback and praise people aresending my way~

As for potentiel other routes, I might consider it if I'm doing a remake of the game (but I'm really not sure about it and I can't promise it will become a thing), but for now I'm not planning to. Sorry (> O <)

Thank you again for your kind comment and for spreading the word! Don't hesitate to join the discord server, if ever you are curious (the link is at the end of the game's description)~


This game is so cute and the characters are so lovely and it's all so good ahufbsysjsyshdje

You should change the download mode to name your own price so people can donate because you deserve it <3 (or at least tell me if you have a kofi page or something)

I like all the characters, some more or less than other but they are all charming and cute and they all need some love ;w; 

Toshio was my favorite, his route was so funny and with so much fluff, even though I cried my eyes out in his ending (I wanted and epilogue just to see them reunite but well c'''':)

And about the twist in Haru's route, I think there's nothing you should apologise for, the game's description clearly states (GxB), so that enough should be a hint. Don't let any negative comments about that affect you. It really was a charming and cute game, I'm hooked for your next projects! :D


Thank you so much for your kind comment, I'm glad you liked the game!
About the tag GxB in the description I actually put it after the complain about Haru's route, because I took into account the person's feedback and thought that it was surely my fault at first?
But it's here now and I hope people will not get confused/upset anymore and that it will still give some hints without spoiling too much (> w <) Thank you for being concerned though, I'm happy you genuinely cared about it ! <3

Also, yes... a bittersweet end for Toshio x)
But be reasured, they do reunite and live a happy life together when he comes back home ~
I tried to let "opened" ends for each characters (despite I have my own canon "after end") for people to imagine whatever they want. I'd be curious to see if some people will write/draw some "after ends" for the characters and share it on the discord server. It would be so cool and I'd be so happy to see it ! O/

As for the "pay what you want" option, I really don't plan to add it and don't think I'll do it for the other projects either. The game was basically meant to be 100% free and made out of passion so... I don't really feel like making people pay for it. Also, I already have a Patreon and I'm already really glad to people supporting me there (but I'm still wondering if I'll not close it in the end and find another way for people who really want to support me financially) <3

Once again, thank you for your kind comment and feedback, it means a lot for me (^ o^)/

(1 edit) (-2)

If it helps, I do think having specifically GxB in the description helps, so thank you for doing that btw, it means a lot.

I really wasn't trying to be mean

(2 edits) (-2)

I really wasn't trying to be negative and upsetting, it can just be frustrating some times since it takes awhile to find good games for someone like me. I know I'm partially at fault since it never promised a GxG route, but you'd be surprised how many games include them but don't say anything.

The story was really good though, and I'm sorry if I offended anyone.

(1 edit) (-2)

Also, you're right when you say it wasn't their fault, I wasn't trying to blame them. I just wanted to let them know so that they can consider things form multiple perspectives in the future, since LGBT perspectives often get over looked. Again, I'm really not trying to be negative, and I'm really sorry if I come off that way, I'm just trying to help inform some people on the issues we face.


A little bit a late on writing this here but a few days ago I finished every route and I really liked the game. Overall in itch io this was one of the best dating sims I've ever played (for free). It handles heavy topics and really knows how to use it well my fave route was toshi and ryu (even though toshi is on a whole other level). And the creator was really helpfull they responded really quickly when I had a problem (thank you very much for that btw).I always come back to the game itself.Ye I just really liked it and wanted to share my opinion of the game.

Btw I can't donate (Im really sorry if I could I would) I just really wanted to donate but can't so just wanted to apologize. :((


Thank you again for your kind comment, I'm really happy you liked the whole game. It means a lot for me <3
Also please don't apologize for not being able to be able to donate, it was my own decision to make it this way ~
But the fact you genuinely want to donate do makes me happy too !
Thank you so much ! (> w <)


AAAAAAAAAAH I just finished playing and wooow I'm in love with this gameee! I can feel all the love that went into this and it was all so cute and adorable and emotional and I'm all s o f t now ;w; It was like everything I expected it to be from the demo, I really loved it! I still haven't finished some of the routes so I'm excited to play them all (and also get all the endings). lowkey am gonna make an analysis on each character if on one stops me lmao bUT YEAH this was so much fun, thank you for making this amazing and heartwarming game! I'm excited for any new work you'll make in the future! (if you feel like making other stuff that is) :DDD


Thank you so much for your kind comment, I'm really happy you're in love with the routes you already played and super happy that my own love for it shows in the final product ! (> w <)

I actually have two other projects in the work :
- One is a more mature project  which doesn't have the same feeling nor the same art style because I'm only be the director for this one and wanted to try something different
- The other one, I'll work on the story and graphics too (but might have someone else taking care of the code) which might be more to your taste since it will be in the same "vibes" as Fujiwara and might actually be released before the first one if I'm working fast enough O/

I'm slowly starting to talk about the development of these two future projects on the discord server, if ever you are curious ~

Thank you again for your feedback (and don't hesitate to do an analysis, I'll not be the one stopping you from it hehe ^^) <3


I finished all the routes. I played with Ikky first and it is amazing how he is the only one who is what he seems to be. Don't judge the book by its cover, am I right? But I loved almost all the routes, especially the pervert otaku lol so cute (I was a little upset with Ryu because I really wanted to date a happy person for a change)

Thank you, I'm glad you liked some of the routes despite Ryu (> w <)
I'm planning to make a real happy character in a future project, so I hope you will like him (^ o^)/


Spoilers for Haru's route

I don't want to sound too negative, but I'm extremely disappointed. I thought this game was going to be inclusive and allow you to date a girl but then he just turns out to be a guy all along? I'm not against this kind of twist or anything, but I feel really sad now because I thought this was going to be inclusive, and I'm sure I'm not the only lesbian to play this game and get disappointment, it really just feels like a slap in the face... I know this wasn't your intent, but it feels like queer baiting...


I'm sorry you were disappointed  and felt betrayed, and indeed it wasn't my intention. If it wasn't clear in the game's description, it was only because I didn't want to spoil Haru's route from the get go, and not because I wanted to bait people, really.
I hope you'll find a lovely game that will make you happy <3


Thanks, I'm glad to hear it wasn't intentional. For future reference though, it might be best to avoid that kind of twist in the future since baiting becomes the inevitable result.

(2 edits) (+4)

I love this game. (WAY TOO MUCH.) I spent the last 3 days getting all the routes! Honestly I see myself in love with them- like, all I ever have been talking about is,, THIS GAME And now that I've finished it. I feel like there's nothing left in the world. Extreme? I know but that's how I feel. I can't wait to see any future games! <3 

I also cried when Toshio left in the train after proposal.. I cried so much, why did he have to LEAVE USSSSS

Aww thank you for your kind comment ! And I'm happy you love all of them, it makes me really happy ! <3
Also happy you're looking forward for future projects, I hope you will like them as well (^ O^)/

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