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I loved every part of their routes, both sweet and friendship! i felt so sad that it finished but i am glad another one is in the making <3 (and to all the people thinking harus route was transphobic etc just..shush honestly you are very small minded. haru is not trans but rather using hiding as a girl to deal with issues. Just like how toshio smokes etc but tbh i really liked harus route) and in order i chose: (HARU-TOSHIO-IKKI-YUTA-KENJI-RYU) <3

Thank you for the kind words, it means a lot for me ♡
And I'm happy you loved the game this much and looking forward for Fuji:RE, I hope you'll enjoy it as well !✦

this game was really fun and i enjoyed it a lot buuut......

*spoilers below*

Haru's route was like??? reeally transphobic?? they're a trans girl who decided to go back to being a cis boy just because they think it'll make Aya like them more???? am i misunderstanding something?? cause that was wack.

Also, less of a big deal, but Ryu's route was such a disappointment tbh he was a more interesting character when he was hyper weirdo. most of the other characters are already pretty gloomy so he was a breath of fresh air...but then: surprise!! ..he's the gloomiest. :///


A good amount of people found Haru's route transphobic and I'm sincerely sorry for that. From what I understood from all the comments (mostly on steam) about how Haru's route was twisted, this is greatly due to the fact that my english was really poor at the time and that I failed to convey the message I had in mind, resulting to people thinking I voluntarily depicted Haru in a ill manner, which was
obviously not my intention.

Right now I'm working on a remake where hopefully it will be more clear for everyone that Haru is a cis boy simply crossdressing as a response/self-protection because of his view of the world around him and isn't actually a trans person. I do feel really bad for the people who felt hurt or betrayed because of their expectations and my poor writing at the time, so I'll try my best to make it extra clear from the get go✦♡

I hope it clears a bit the confusion ~

personally i do think it would be really cool if Haru was a trans boy who is presenting as a girl because that's what's expected of him, but he's your character and you can write him however you want. BUT i am really glad to know that you didn't intend any transphobia and i think it's cool that you're remaking the game and rethinking Haru's route!!

and like i said, even if there were some things i didn't like, i ultimately still like this game a lot and i still played through every route lol!!

thx for the explanation and keep up the good work 👍👍

heya, is there a possibility that Fuji:RE could be a little more gender neutral? or if not, would there be a way for me to try and mod the og game for personal use?


Hello ~
Unfortunately, I am not planning on making Fuji:RE more gender neutral as Aya is one of my OCs with a set gender (as well as the other characters), personality, name, etc THOUGH feel free to mod the og game as you want, as long as it's purely for personal use and not promoting your version as the original. The game's files of the current game aren't locked so you can change whatever you want (still for personal use) and I'm planning to not lock the remake either so you'll be able to mod it too when it releases✿

P.S : You might already know this game, but have you tried the Our Life series from GBPatch ? This is an amazing and wholesome visual novel with a good amount of customization, so it might actually fit your taste and preferences better✦

I heard a while ago a Fujiwara 2 it's in development, with Ikki's sister as the main that idea still ongoing? I have had a hyper-fixation on this game since about a year ago. I'm taking every crumb!! :3

Hello, sorry for the late answer !
Yes, the idea of Fujiwara Bittersweet is still a thing ~
It's on pause right now though, as I'm working on other projects (Fujiwara:REmake is one of those, I update sometimes on my twitter account and my discord server), but hopefully I'll be able to work on it sooner than later after I'm done !
Thank you again for loving the game this much, it really means a lot for me ♡
P.S : There is little crumbs of Fujiwara in my other game called "Hello Friend", if ever you are curious✦

hi, can I upload on YouTube I give you full credit on your game.

By uploading, do you mean a let's play where you talk over, makes comments and saying your thoughts about the routes ?

like i be doing the walkthrough link your game to your page so everyone can download it

I'm sorry, I would prefer a let's play with your commentary and opinions as I like to have feedback and reactions from the streamers/players, so if it's just the walkthrough without your voice over I'll have to decline ^^"
But still, thank you for the offer !


are there walkthroughs available for each ending?

Hello ~
Yes there is, but you'll find it on the Steam page (^ w^)/
Here is the link :

I played all the routes (only sweet endings tho !!) and i loved them all so much, especially how u found out new things with every route that made all the characters even more fun and interesting. I played it in the order you suggested and i really do think thats the best way !! I actually dont think i have a favourite cuz theyre all so cute in their own way, i will definitely play the updated version when it comes out. All the love to u <33 

Thank you for the kind words ! The fact that you like all the characters and that you are looking forward to the remake really means a lot to me💖
Slowly but surely working on it✨


AAAAHHHHH i love this game literally SO much!!(definitely one of my favorites) It’s so heartfelt & cute! I’m looking forward to other projects & things you make in the future, so please keep making cool games!! :D


Thank you for the kind words !💖
Slowly but surely working on other projects on the side, so I hope you'll like them as well if ever you have the occasion to try them when released (^ w^)/✨


Warning: Spoilers for Haru's route! I think!-

HARU'S ENDING?????? IH MY GOSH?? Haru is my first and only completed route right now and I am absolutely in love. The plot twist was definitely a surprise!! I'm still kind of confused, but now I can say for sure that I'm 100% not straight. Because I already fell for him when  he was a girl... *sweats in pansexual* That was such a roller coaster of emotions.. especially the attempted kidnapping stuff, and the sexual abuse, etc. I really didn't expect that from a game with such cute visuals. Guess I was wrong, haha! However, it was a nice detail because it reminds you that life is not just sweets and sugar, and that things like that actually happen..

Yes, I'm sorry for the confusion...I promise I'll do my best to clear any misunderstanding in the remake ;-;
But I'm happy you still liked the game and Haru's route nonetheless, thank you !💖

OMG!!! AHHH!!! I wasn't really expecting the plots of each character's stories to be like this! I expected it to be a typical high school romance with a hint of bittersweet, as the title suggested, but OMG! I wasn't expecting plots from them! I love every chapter, the art style, and the story. I thought for sure that Ikki's route would be the one that I loved, but after playing everyone's route, I had to love them all! But Toshio and Ryu's route is totally the one I was really impressed by, and my god, Toshio's end! I cried for that cutie boy, and I need to see him again for the remake! AHHH! 


I'm happy you liked the game that much, thank you !
Haha yes, I had some people saying that they thought Ikki would be their fav then changed their mind after playing the other routes ~
And also yes, more love/more content for baby Toshi in the remake !💖
I also can't wait to work on the characters childhood arcs, as I'll be able to show more of them and their parents a few years prior ✨

(1 edit)

Childhood arcs??!!! I did put bit and pieces of the story in Kenji and Ryu  BUT IM SO SO EXCITED FOR THE REMAKE NOW!! AHHH GOOD LUCK <3 <3 <3

(2 edits)

I found this game through a couple of friends, and it's absolutely amazing! Love your art style btw! <3

Thank you so much, I'm happy you loved both the game and my art style !💖

omg toshios route im sobbing??? it feels so weird being finished with the game now, sorta like a break up lol (and im def not getting over it anytime soon) guess ill just have to replay it :P thanks so much for making this, i havent felt this immersed in an otome in a while

I'm happy to hear you loved the game this much, it means a lot for me ! Thank you💖
Also I'm currently (super slowly but surely) working on the remake ~
I still don't have any release date, but you might like it as well as I'll add more content like adding a bit more details to the routes + unlockable childhood arcs stories (^ w^)/✦

Eyo this shit beautiful, I love u for this. Feels like I'll be replaying this from time to time, I love everything abt this altho Toshios the only one I've finished, I'll get to the other ones. Heard you're gonna make a reamke, I'll be waitingggg, love this game wholeheartedly<3333


I'm happy you are enjoying the story so far and that you feel like replaying later ~
As for the remake, yup ! Progressing suuuuuper slowly, but surely (I post sneak peeks of it on my twitter from time to time) and I can't wait to be able to 100% invest my time on it ✦
Thank you again for the kind words and encouragement, it means a lot for me💖

I RLLY LOVE THIS GAMEEE!!! its soo cuteeee also i heard that there would be a second game is that true (●'◡'●)

Thank you, I'm happy you loved it ! 💖
And yes ! I'm planning of doing a second game, with Ikki's little sister as the MC (she'll be in her mid-20's) ~
The project isn't really in development yet as I'm planning of making a remake of the current game, so it might take a rather long time before its release x)

Oooo ok I cant wait to see the remake I hope it comes out soon!

Deleted 1 year ago

Haha I totally get what you mean xD
"Unfortunately", the main cast and MC from Fujiwara 2 won't be the same so there will not be any jealousy scenes between Aya and the male leads (> w <)
Hopefully you'll like it nonetheless💖

this is one of my comfort games, seriously. thank you for making this masterpiece <3

Thank you for the kind words ! And I'm so happy to hear you count it as one of your comfort games too 💖


Ryu’s route got me in feels so much

Happy it did 💖

I found this game quite a while ago now, i remember playing Kenji's route and then just never picking it up again because i was so busy.

A couple months ago i remembered i hadn't finished all the routes, so i re-downloaded the game and played it all over again - including playing Kenji's route again. 

I definitely have been obsessed with this game for a while now, i just somehow never got across to commenting?

[I was a tad sad that we didn't actually get a female love interest, however it didn't bother me or affect playing the game because i still love Haru to death.]


Thank you for playing and loving the game !💖
Yes...after a lot of feedback about Haru, I decided that I would make things more clear and said earlier in the game (also in Haru's profile) for the remake to avoid any misunderstanding. Hopefully I'll be able to make something more enjoyable this time for this route. I'll try my best at least✨
Thank you again for loving Haru nontheless, it means a lot for me !🌼✦

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I have played this game so many times over and over again, and I have the biggest brainrot from this game, because the story, the charaters, it's all so incredibly compelling and amazing, and I thought I would hate Toshio, but no, I love him the most and his rout was my favourite, you did an honestly amazing job!!! And not only that, Yuta is strangely similar in both looks, personallity, and our lives are really similar

Thank you for loving the game this much ! I'm happy you ended up liking Toshio and relate to Yuta somehow ~
Thank you again for the kind words, it means a lot to me and motivates me to work on the remake 💖



I finished everything this version has to offer and I just wanted to say I absolutely loved Yuta's and Haru's route most; thank you for their existence <3. I'm looking forward to visiting them again in the updated version whenever that comes out ^^

Thank you for the kind words ! I'm glad you loved Yuta and Haru's routes and hope you will enjoy the new content/remake as much as you liked the current version of the game once it releases 💖✦

I played  this a while ago and its my absolute favorite game of all time, I still think of it A LOT. its a great game and ive recommended it to lots of people so far, im really glad I came across  this :)


Thank you for the kind words ! I'm happy you liked the game this much and recommended it to people, it means a lot for me💖

Of course im super excited after reading that youre making more content for the game ahhhh omg 

I hope you'll like it then ~
Though it might take some time to be released, so please bear with me being slow until the remake is out (> w <)/

of course im willing to wait years at this point ^w^

how dare u do that to me w toshio's ending ??? TwT ...... without an epilogue????? 


I'm actually currently rewriting + redrawing the whole game (still no release date planned though) with more content + childhood arc and adulthood extra stories for each of the characters (^ O^)/
So Toshio will definitelly have a happy ending and get all the loves he deserves and didn't get from the current/previous version💖

oh thank god T-T .. toshio's my fav character and i love how the way he expresses his love towards aya is really unique in terms of otome characters!! so i hope you won't tone down his level of worship and "kinkiness" as ryu would say xD i really like how each character offers something unique to the player, even if it's not everyone's cup of tea.. i also really enjoyed kenji and haru!! it's clear you've put a LOT of effort into this and while playing it, i almost couldnt believe i was doing so for free!!

Thank you for the kind words ! I'm happy it shows that all the characters are dear to my heart, it means a lot for me💖✨


i also wanted to add that while a lot of ppl might misunderstand haru as being a trans person, i feel like i understand him and his experience w gender based on my own experience w trauma. i'm glad someone depicted a different kind of "gender confusion" that isn't actually gender-queerness and is actually a trauma response!

I'm glad then ;-;
Though I hope Haru's route will be less confusing in the remake ! At least I'm trying my best rewriting it a bit better than the current version (will add more fluff too)✦

HI there, would you like me to translate your game into Esperanto for free? I'm just looking to help the Esperanto community out by getting some more games into the language.


First of all, I LITERALLY ADORE THIS GAME!!!! The characters are super lovable, unique and relatable, I really got attached to them quick! The twists in plot are really interesting and shocking, and the story overall is really good, I've never seen anything like that before! I still have yet to finish the friend routes, but the sweet routes were so cute!!! I was surprised to find out there are no bad ends! With meta jokes from Ichigo I really thought there would be something, but it's definitely not a bad thing, don't worry!! Overall I really love this game, you've done a really good job!! Thank you for showing us your work and I wish you the best!!!♡♡♡


Thank you it means a lot for me !
I'm happy you loved the game that much and that you were able to get attached to the characters❤
I'm slowly but surely making a full revamp/remake with new art style and new content as well, so hpefully you'll like the next version of the project too (if ever you decide to play it once it's released, that is) (^ w^)/✦
Once again thank you for playing and for the kind words, it really motivates me and made my day ~


The game is absolutely AMAZINGG!! I literally love it <3 The art, the concept, literally the whole game was fantastic. The endings made me cry especially Toshio's ending :( but overall the game is just perfect. The characters r like unique in their own way which makes the game more enjoyable and interesting to play. I really hope to see more of this game soon! <3 


Thank you I'm happy you loved it !
A remake is in the work, with hopefully more content and new gameplay (point & click elements, childhood arcs, bonus stories, etc...). I don't have any release date though, so you'll have to be patient and bear with me (but I'm trying to regularly post updates on twitter) (> w <)/✦

Thank you again for the kind words, it means a lot for me ❤

(1 edit)

Ah okay! I'm rlly excited but take your time to make it! Dont stress too hard! <3

I just want to say this game is a huge inspiration for me. It doesn't feel cliche at all - all of the characters are unique, and the juxtaposition between cutesy and dark is really great. The artstyle is irresistibly cute, and the characters are so loveable that Toshio became my  favorite even after I HATED him. I've had a hard time the past two years, so it means a lot when I see a character like Toshio or Ikki find happiness in the end.

The game is not perfect but it feels so interesting, and that's what matters.

Ah, quick question, what does "Fujiwara" mean in the case of this game?


I'm sorry to hear the past years were rough for you and I hope you are doing a bit better now❤

As for the "Fujiwara" meaning, the equivalent english word is "Wisteria". In the case of this game (and flowers language) it means "new beginning" and "a wish of happiness", which I wanted for the characters at the end of their stories ~
Now the logo makes all its sense when you look at it, haha!
Fun fact, the little flower after "BitterSweet" originally had each of its petal colored with the characters colors, but it was too distracting and I decided to keep it all white for it to blend better with the rest of the logo xD

I hope it answered your question, thank you again for the kind words ! It means a lot for me and makes me really happy!✦


...I did not expect to get this hooked.. All routes are special, I just can't pick a fav!! Thank you for making this^^

Thanks to you for playing and liking it !❤✦

I've done two people and I don't know if I can do anymore Ryu has stolen my heart and interest and I don't know if I can continue :( I will try though I enjoyed playing very much and I hope more things like this come out in the future!!!!!!!!! I also hope you get the well-deserved attention for these wonderful games! Have a great day or night! And make sure you are taking proper care of yourself these kinds of games can be a lot of work, I may edit my comment in the future if I am still able to do the other routes haha.

Thank you so much for the kind words, it means a lot for me ! ❤
And please don't worry about not playing the other routes, it's totally okay xD
The recommended route is only there to guide you, but in the end you are totally free to play the game as you want. Even only playing one route and stop as that is totally okay, so yup ! Don't stress too much about it✦

(2 edits) (+2)

I adore this game, my goodness. Everyone is so loveable, even though at first I thought it'd be cringy (Toshio's route), totally wasn't and got me hooked!! Such a good game, seriously, I consider it one of my too otome games.


Question.. Haru's route was a bit confusing to me. Is he trans or is he biologically a dude that chose to disguise as a girl? MC did mention Adam's apple. If that's the case, why did he choose to dress up as a girl? In sweet route, MC said she fell for him when he was a girl and he said if she told him earlier it could've saved him some pain.. does that mean he wouldn't become a boy if the mc said that? I have a problem with choosing his identity based on what MC prefer if Haru would've stayed as a girl otherwise.. so it's confusing whether or not he did it for himself, if it is his identity or if it's all just to impress a girl. e.e

Then again I suppose most of the love relationships are unhealthy in one way or another haha.. I don't mind that ofc, it's probably one of the good points about the game, it's different and endearing in a way because no relationship is perfect, right? Though I'd like to hear more about Haru if you don't mind.

(1 edit) (+4)

Thank you ! I'm so happy you liked the game despite its flaws❤
To answer your questions : 
A lot of people were confuse as you were and even angry and for that I'm sorry. It was because I didn't handle the writing for his route as well as I wanted too and only realized it later with the feedback (u___u)
Haru is indeed biologically male, but although he doesn't feel the need to be female nor suffer of dysphoria, he does hold a certain grudge to adults and male in general due to his backstory and the toxic relationships his mother was in through his childhood, hence the "I don't want's to become and adult if it's to end up like all the men I knew in my life until then".

About the crossdressing part it's also due to his backstory, but also because even though he doesn't want to become "a man", he is also very self-conscious of his small size and frail stature for a boy his age as well as his androgynous and fill better about it and like wearing feminine clothes because he feels more safe in it.

And about Aya, she is actually saying that she felt for him when she thought Haru was a girl, but also means it would have been the same if he was a boy.
It's not really explicitely said in game, but Aya is pansexual so she would have loved him no matter what✦
And his answer was more like if he knew, he wouldn't have bothered to try fiting more on the "male" case and work more on his "himself" case.

In conclusion Haru is not trans, he simply feel better and secure in feminine clothes due to his physical traits and doesn't fit what society expect to him as a male.
I think you could say he is a non-conformist character and I'll try to portray him better in the remake ~

I hope it answered your question, if you have anything else to ask don't hesitate to tell me and I'll gladly answer (^ O^)/


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 💕💕 I love that! I did think something along those lines but I wanted to know more about him. He's still a great characters and the game overall is very well written so no worries there, at least according to my taste. Love that Aya is pan. I'm bi so I was excited to hear that Aya also liked girls or whomever Haru was. I do think it's fine that he wasn't exactly labelled although it felt a little unfinished as I ended up not knowing all about him so I had to get my answer and came here. Hehe. Good luck on your future games, I'm looking forward to them! 💕

Are there achievements in the game?  It seems like there are or there should be but I don't think they're available on apple

There should be achievements on apple too, but you can collect them only with the Steam version. Hopefully I'll be able to add in game achievements too in the future for the itchio version (u___u)

(1 edit)

Franchement merci TOUT VOS jeux sont super et aussi merci d'avoir créer ce jeu qui est génial il m'a remonter le moral dans mon moment de déprime bravo continuez comme ça bon courage pour la suite 😉


Merci pour tous ces gentils mots, ça motive vraiment pour la suite !
Et savoir que Fujiwara Bittersweet a pu aider dans un moment difficile est, je pense, l'une des plus belles récompenses que je puisse recevoir vis-à-vis de mon travail ! Merci encore ❤

omg !! i just finished the game and i reaaaally love it <3___<3 thank you for making this game !! personally, i really liked toshio's and haru's route a lot. tbh, i always gasp when i see characters wearing turtlenecks since im a sucker for them. anyways, i really enjoyed the game >///< currently the number one on my list !! 


Thank you so much for the kind words, it means a lot for me ! It makes me also really happy and glad that you love Toshio's and Haru's routes since I know I shouldn't play favoritism, but... they are my favorites characters ❤
Hopefully I'll be able to make and release Fujiwara:Remake and Fujiwara 2, so I hope you will like them too when/if the day comes ✦

right ?? like how can u not love those two characters ?? they're just so cute. especially toshio, i just cant get him out of my mind <//3

i'd gladly wait for it even if it takes years !! im sure it's as loveable as fujiwara bittersweet is <3

omg i spent 10 hours on this game and im addicted! i love it so much!!


Thank you so much for loving it !❤

(1 edit)

I really enjoyed your game and I still get butterflies thinking about your characters! I even stayed up super late and woke up super early just so I could play everyone's route! I'm so glad I played! I wish you good luck on all current and future projects! <333 (I also made an acc just to comment on how much I love this game)

Thank you so much for playing and creating an account especially to tell me how much you love the characters ! It means a lot for me and I hope you'll like the future projects as well. Thank you for your support❤✦
P.S : I hope you didn't forget to rest though (> w <)

bro i dont even know how to open the game :(

Do you have any software to extract the game's .exe ?
I personally use 7Zip (for Windows), so the steps with it would be :
1. Download the game, the download buttons are just above the comments section
2. Right click on the .zip that you just downloaded
3. Mouse over 7-zip, then "Extract to TWaHA"
4. Once done, double click the new file. It has the same name than the previous file that you downloaded, except it's not a .zip anymore
5. Double click "TWaHA.exe" and you should be able to play it ~

Hope it helped ✦

oml i love this game!! i found it agess ago on steam, but couldnt figure out how to make it work ;-; I found it here tho, and figured it out, its so cute!! the soundtrack is amazing and the artstyle is 10/10, a pretty good storyline aswell! <3 

Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot for me !❤
Also glad you were able to make it works (> O <)


Please tell me there's going to be season 2 or a sequel I beg you I loved this work I need a sequel or a new game with the same theme I loved your work on this game I cried I laughed I played it 10 times Thank you so much for creating I'm brazilian this game and I'll be following your future work!!!!


Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and kind words !❤
I am planning a remake which might be considered like a sequel I think, since there will be more content + a childhood arc ~
A Fujiwara 2 is also planned, but this time with Ikki's sister as the MC several years later when she is adult (in her 20's). Hopefully I'll be able to make the two of it, but it will take a long time (> w <)/
Until then...thank you again for your support and loving the game !✦

I know i'm asking a lot of questions and i apologize about that but i was looking through the game files and was wondering are there bonus images?

It's okay, you can ask as much questions as you want ~
There is no bonus images, but some artworks are "exclusive" to the Friend's route or the Sweet's route, so you might miss some of them if you aren't playing both routes. But you still can see them in the game's file like you did (> w <)/

Kay thanks again

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