A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

[WIP/DEMO, whole project releases in 2024]

[Visual Novel, GxB, fantasy slice of life, mature, rich story telling]

"Within a peaceful village in the middle of a forest lived Melia, a cheerful and stubborn young girl; and her best friend Enris, who dreamed of becoming the village's next herbalist.

Both of them were happy without worry until...an unfortunate incident separated the two children tragically. 

Life is not always made of fairytales and tranquil days.

But come...and see Melia's fate unfold before your eyes, as she becomes a strong and independent young woman through the years!"




✿FEATURES in final game✿

✦ A Story in 3 Phases: Childhood, Teenage Years, Adulthood
✦ 4 Love Interests across 2 Paths: Maid or Princess
✦ 3 Endings per Love Interest, for a total of 12 Endings (+ additional Bad Ends)
✦ Optional non-graphic steamy scenes (rated R17+)
✦ Red Words for additional Lore
✦ Unlockable Extras: His POV, Short Stories
✦ A planned word count of 200.000+ words
♡ …all for FREE!


Writing : Cirrocumulus
Sprites and CGs : Aria
Backgrounds : Koifish/Kat
Music & SFX :Tavian St James
Programming : Lee Saturn
English Proofreading : Akatea
French Proofreading : Enn, Cysteine
Original Story & Characters, Lead Project, GUI Design : MagicBench

Special thanks to Goneril and Ayael for playtesting the french version ~

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsComing Of Age, drama, Fantasy, girl-protagonist, gxb, mature, Slice Of Life


CoF Final Demo Windows 501 MB
CoF Final Demo Linux 491 MB
Cof Final Demo Mac 483 MB

Development log


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Hello, hello~!

I wanted to check in on how this project is doing since its close to the end of the year (seriously how did this happen so soon)! I have two questions: will you still be releasing in 2023 and do you have an estimated/set date on when it will happen?

Thank you for creating this game and good luck with the full release! <3


Hello, sorry for the late answer !
The release will unfortunately be delayed from our original date (the english version at least, as I'll have to work on the french version after) and the writer estimated that her work on the project would be done sometime in 2024. Then we'll have to make the proofread, fix bugs, playtest, etc, and hopefully the final release will be there before 2025 ~
Sorry again for the lack of news on itchio, though I do actually update from time to time on Twitter and Tumblr. Here are the links if you don't want to miss anything about the project :
- Twitter : https://twitter.com/mbvn_ 
- Tumblr : https://www.tumblr.com/magicbench

Thank you for your support and your patience ! And don't hesitate to ask if ever you have more questions and concerns, I will gladly answer them✿

Is there anything we can do to support you guys further? <3

Thank you so much for considering supporting us !💖
For this project however, we won't take additional money (I assume you meant supporting us financially, but maybe I'm wrong) as the game was already funded via Kickstarter and that it will be released for free once done ~
Though, don't hesitate to stop by the team members social accounts/websites. Thank you again for your interest and hope you'll like the final product !✨


this gives me the big sad and i love it for that


Glad you liked the sad tone of the demo, hopefully you'll like the rest of the game when it releases, if ever you have the occasion to play it🌼
The team is doing an amazing work on it !✦

still waiting for it <3


Slowly but surely, don't worry 🌼

J'ai joué à la démo et l'histoire est incroyable. J'ai adoré du début jusqu'à la fin. J'ai même versé quelques larmes >.<' . Les dessins sont sublimes et les quelques personnages que j'ai vu dans la démo sont intéressants. J'attends sa sortie avec impatience. En plus , qu'il soit traduit en français ; c'est la cerise sur le gâteau.

Merci ! Ça me fait super plaisir, je vais relayer le message aux autres membres de la team ! 🌼
On n'a toujours pas de date de sortie mais on progresse lentement mais sûrement. J'essaye de donner quelques news et aperçus les fois où on a quelque chose d'intéressant à montrer, mais qui spoil pas trop non plus ~
Et pour la version française, je fais de mon mieux pour essayer de retranscrire le style d'écriture anglais de notre écrivaine✦
La seule chose qui m'angoisse pour la version française c'est que je fais beaucoup de fautes et c'est compliqué de trouver des volontaires pour la relecture, qui on assez de temps à consacrer au projet et que ça ne dérange pas de travailler gratuitement ou avec mon budget réduit. Ce que je comprends parfaitement ! Mais c'est vrai que c'est l'une de mes sources de stress principales concernant Colors of Fate ^^"
Dans tous les cas, merci encore pour ces gentils mots et encouragements ! Ça me fais vraiment chaud au cœur ❤

En tout cas, vous avez fait un excellent travail pour la traduction. Je comprends que ça peut être angoissant. Le français avec notre grammaire , ralalaa... Je n'ai vu que quelques fautes dans la démo, la majorité est d'inattentions. J'aimerais bien aider pour la relecture gratuitement mais je ne suis pas toujours disponible, malheureusement. Et j'ai peur moi-même de ne pas voir toutes les fautes d'orthographes 😅. Good job à votre team ! 🔥💯

Merci encore pour le soutien ! (^__^)/❤

Seeing my name as the name of a character in a game is super surreal.  The only other place I've seen my name is former president Obama's daughter.

Loved the demo, especially the art style and the colors! Good work so far, can't wait to find out how the rest of Melias' story goes! <3

For some reason I couldn't get the manualy downloaded version to start up but when I downloaded it from the app I had no problems. This isn't the first time it has happened to me and I'm not sure if the problem is in my computer or somewhere else? Nevertheless I thought I'd mention it just in case anybody could help me figure it out haha


Thank you for the kind words, I'm happy that you are looking forward to the rest of the story ❤
Thank you again for noticing me about the issue ! Unfortunately I'm not the programmer of the game so I'm not sure about why it occurs to you and how we can fix it, but I'll make sure to tell the person in charge of the code about your problem.
Thank you again for your support and feedback✦

I'm sooo excited for this! I wish you all the best for this game! 


Thank you, happy you are looking forward to it ! It will take time to build, but I'll do my best to regularly update the Kickstarter's page/ Twitter/ Tumblr. I'm part of the team myself, but I also can't wait to see the project too and squealing at the beautiful team's members work !❤✿


The backgrounds are so prettyyyy *_* I liked the audio too, it fit the game's atmosphere well. I'm looking forward to the full game!

Has the "Auto"-button been removed from the text box intentionally? I saw the option to adjust the Auto-Forward speed, but couldn't find the button to use the Auto-mode. My hands are currently not well enough to keep clicking or pressing buttons for very long, so I use the Auto-feature a lot when playing visual novels. Other than that, the experience was great! :)

It was my bad, I forgot to tell the programmer we needed it during the dialogs too...Thank you for pointing it out though, I'll ask them if it's possible to add it on the text box.
I'm happy you loved the experience nonetheless, despite this inconvenient issue !♡ Hopefully we will be able to to fix it 🌼

Thanks! I thought it was odd when there was the slider for it, but no button. I hope your Kickstarter is successful because I want to see more of this! :)

You are too nice, thank you again for the kind words!❤

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sorry for bothering but i just downloaded the game today and i need help because well this happened. 

Don't worry you aren't bothering me ~
Did it happen right after you downloaded the game and launched it ? Or were you able to at least see the title screen before it crashes ?

(6 edits)

thank you for replying! And i only saw a white screen for a sec before crashing

That's weird, you're the first person reporting this error. And it works fine with me too, so I don't know how I can help you. The only thing I can suggest you is to delete the "cache" file in your Colors of Fate's file and try to launch it again. Beside that I have no clue why it doesn't work for you, sorry (u___u)

(1 edit)

Your help is greatly appreciated, too bad i can't play the game, it looked quite fun, i don't know if this contribute to anything but i did find this, don't know if this helps tho

Btw, i did try and delete "cache" but the game still refused to come out of its shell lol and some side notes, this issue only occured when i launch the game from the app, the one i downloaded from the website didn't even bother to work

I'll try to see with the programmer asap then and go back to you if ever we find out how to fix it. In any case thank you for reporting the issue ! You can still see let's plays on youtube if you want, as a few people uploaded videos of them playing the demo O/


omg omg omg im so excited to play this gameee  ♥( ´罒`*)


Thank you ! I can't wait for it to be finished as well and share it to the world !
We still have a lot to write/draw/code though, so it might take a long time before the release ^^"
BUT hopefully we will be able to release a longer and more polished demo in a few months ~
Until then, thank you for the suport and the kind words !♡

I'm so excited to try this game UwU, just a question tho, does it have some sort of romance element in it? (Forgive me T-T)

It will, yes 🌼
But not before a certain while since it's a coming of age story and that Melia (the MC) meet the love interests several years later and the romance parts will begin once she is a 20 y/o young lady ~

thanks for responding! awaiting for the game~ all the best!

hello again, karamelow! i tried to download this but for some reason it wouldn't open for some reason (on macOS). sorry for bothering haha, thank you!

I had someone to look into it and they were able to open it. I'm sorry, I have no clue why it doesn't work for you (u__u)
Do you have any error message showing in your screen ? Or anything stating which kind of error/issue you are encountering maybe ? Are you able to download it, but unable to unzip it for some reason ?

(1 edit)

i'm not sure but this is what appeared on my screen when i tried to open it from "finder". again, i'm really sorry for bothering you. 

edit: i tried to get it from the itch.io app instead of the website and it worked! 

Glad to hear it ! I'm taking note too, that it works from the app. Thank you for reporting it to me ~

I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.


Hello, thank you for the offer but we are not in search of a spanish translator for now, but if you want to do a fan translation once the whole game is released then I don't have anything against it (é o è)
Thank you for your interest ~

A bitter-sweet introduction to the world of CoF. I liked the pacing & how you find out about the world in a smooth, natural way. Of course I can only just reiterate what other people have said here about the artwork & music, great. Now I'm wondering what comes next... maybe a jump in time to an older Melia? Excited to find out. :)


Thank you for your let's play, I can't wait to watch it ! I'm glad and happy you liked the prologue and that you are looking forward to see what happen next, though the game is still at a early stage so the developement part will still take a while.
Thank you again for your kind comment, it made my day (and I'm sure it made the other team members' day as well)★

Glad I could bring some positivity :). With this prologue it's like, things could go anywhere so of course I'm curious about where you'll go next. 
[Spoiler warning]
Will there be dragons? Raiders? Who was that thief? What happened to everyone? Will we ever eat Rowan-baked bread again? So many questions. 


Many questions which will be answered in the whole game (but yes, there will be dragons) 🌼
But I'll try my best to post regularly on social media about how the progress is going along, and maybe sometimes I'll drop some hints here and there alongside some trivia and lore ~
I can't wait to share more about Colors of Fate's world !

It's beautiful I love it! The art, the writing, and the music is just top notch. Wasn't expecting there will be tragedy later since the mood was so nice and relaxing. The character are also very lovely.

Thank you so much for this let's play ! I'm glad you loved the demo and I hope you will like what will happen next, the team is doing an amazing work on it (though it might take a certain time, since the game is planned to be done in approx 2 years)!
Don't hesitate to share your let's play on twitter, I'll make sure to retweet it ★

Yes! I'm going to do that~! But I'm currently doing some task so perhaps tomorrow or the next day!

Part 2 is here! Wasn't expecting the brother to be such a hot guy, and Melia mother to be having a labor while Melia is outside playing with Enris XD

The background sound for the village are very nice, it makes the village do feel alive.

Thank you for this 2nd episode ! I'm watching it right now and can't wait to see the 3rd episode if ever you uplad it later ~


Okay, finally we've met Melia's Mother and she's sure a strong woman like Melia. I can see where her traits comes from. Though I feel there's a lot of flags everywhere that something bad is about to happen. Going to enter the forest!

And there is even more flags when you are in the forest !
Thank you again for your let's play ~


I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.

Seeing Melia like this really breaks my heart. I expect tragedy, but not this much....

On the other side the fire sound really crisp.

Also sorry for the late update, I was busy tinkering and fixing my laptop!

Don't worry for the update, I'm already really happy you took the time to try the demo on your own free will and making videos about it ~
Thank you again ✿

wow! The demo was amazing! I can't wait for the full release. The way you write, the art, it's all so good. <3

Thank you, happy you liked the demo !
I'm actually not the writer neither the artist, contrary to my other project I'm only the project leader/director for Colors of Fate ~
But yes, everyone in the team is so talented !★

Im not gonna lie, this demo was molto bene. Cant wait for more! And the art style is so good <3


Thank you for the kind comment ! Yes, I'm so lucky to have talented team members on board !♡

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I must say that this game...is going to be a little masterpiece.
The backgrounds, the music, the UI itself...everything is so beautiful and well done. I literally fell in love.
If the demo has already caused me this feeling, I can't even imagine what's coming.

I don't even know what to say exactly because everything fascinated me. Enris' relationship and characterization with Melia was perfect; I literally already love them both and would fight the world to protect them. (Ugh, I wonder what their future will be like...)
Not only that, the art is perfect and matches perfectly with the setting of the story, not to mention the music that is wonderful too.

In other words: the work is impeccable. For real.

Ah, I was also a little confused if the game was just a visual novel or an otome game too (since here in itchio it only has a VN tag), but in the beginning the game stated about "love interests", so it clarified the doubt, I believe.
I'm really excited to know about the LI's and how the "maid" and "princess" paths will work.
In short, I can say with conviction that I intend to play everything I can! lol

Thank you so much for making such a beautiful game! I will be looking forward to the release. Keep up the good work! ♡


Thank you so much for liking the demo, the team members really did an amazing thing and I will pass them the message !❤




It is !!! The artists and the musician did an awesome work !♡

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