A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is the game's DEMO (French version later). It's short and the full game still doesn't have a release date yet, but I hope you will like it so far ~

Aya just moved to a new little town near the mountains. Her new life as a high school freshman begins now, join her as she navigates through life and meets new people. Will she make friends or perhaps… find herself falling in love?

"Fujiwara BitterSweet"is a heartwarming slice of life with bittersweet twists!

The full game features:


~45k words

Friend, Sweet and potential Bad endings

~15+ CGs

Original sprites/BGs

TW: /!\ death, swearing, drugs, possible sexual content and other sensitive subjects /!\

Don't hesitate to stop by the ❀ PATREON ❀ . There will be public posts sometimes, like public annoucement and such. Hope to see you there (^ o^)/

Art & Story : Karamelow
Editing & Proofreading : Giazg
Music : Alyx (TiberAlyx)

Updated 12 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
GenreVisual Novel
TagsCute, gxb, Otome, Slice Of Life


Fujibs-1.0-pc.zip 375 MB
Fujibs-1.0-mac.zip 358 MB

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not bad demo

a bit weird and unexpected plot, escecially in comparison to cute artstyle

some interesting people to befriend/romance. I already don't like some of them xD. Suzuki and Ichigo are my favs


Thank you ~

Yup, in truth, it's kind of fun drawing cute things with a not-so-fluffy story. I'm planning to do a remake if it way later, with more "mature" graphics.

Also... is by any chance, the one you don't like Toshio (and maybe Yuta)? I bet it is! x)
And I'm glad you like Suzuki (Haru) and Ichigo, people don't really seem to appreciate them. They need a bit of love too (>___<)

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seriously tho, this game is amazing. I personally believe that ichigo could use some fleshing out, though - her constant talk about BL is irritating (shallow character, is what i mean). Toshio's a jerk, and I still don't trust him, but I bet he'll turn out to be a good guy at heart. Kenji is adorable, and I want to find out what exactly happened to him.. Seems interesting. Then there's yuta, who seems a little... too nice, so im wondering if he has anything going on. BUT anyway- this story is really intriguing, and I genuinely like most of the characters. the art style is adorable, too. Thanks for making this, and I can't wait till the rest is released?

Thank you for your comment!
Yup, Ichigo is kinda annoying and I'm glad you think that as well xD She also will calm down eventually, later in the story ;)

that's good to hear! I'm really excited for character development :V


*30 seconds or so in* that went from yee haw to yee naw REAL quick


I love this game so much im wheezing. I really can't wait for a full release, even if I have to pay you can take all my money. I'm in love with the art and story. It's so cute for my loner self. I hope this will be out so next valentines I'm not crying alone. I won't rush the devs. Stuff like this is really hard. LETS WISH THIS GAME BEAUTIFUL WISHES


Thank you so much for your kind comment, it makes me really happy and I'm glad you like it so far!
I still don't have any release date, but I'll do my best for it to be done next Valentines. But I can't promise because I'm rather slow at drawing, writing the story and fixing potential bugs and errors x)
Also don't worry about the money, it will be free (I have a Patreon though, to try earning money for future projects. The link is in the game description) ~
Thank you again for your feedback and hope you will still like the story when the whole project will be released (^ o^)/

The art style is sooo cute!!! I can't wait to play every single route!!!! Well done devs it looks amazing!!

Thank you so much!
I noticed that there is still some typos in the text, but I hope it will not be too annoying, sorry about that (> o <)
The whole game still doesn't have any release date, I am super slow at writing, coding and doing the art, but I believe it will be done for September (fingers crossed, but I can't really promise).
Don't hesitate to write feedback, it always helps ~

looks so CUTE!!! Can't wait to try it out! <3 

Thank you! Happy you like the art, I hope you'll enjoy the demo (^v^)/

Hey there, I really do LOVE the art! It's absolutely enamoring :D  
I only have two things I did not exactly enjoy. First of all, I got the feeling I had little choice in shaping the character's personality. Implementing this would definitely make the game more charming than it already is :) Also, some CERTAIN CHARACTERS hahah seem pretty.... harsh. I can't really see the MC falling for them, ever, not from the part of the story told. So I think it wouldn't hurt to tone down on the extreme hostility of these guys ^^; Still, I am very curious about all of the characters and I definitely see the game has a lot of potential and can end up being a very cheerful and fun otome :D So keep going, you're doing great, and if you consider what I said, you'll do even better ^_^ And if you need some further help, don't hesitate to hmu, I'd love to support you :3

Thank you for your feedback and I'm happy you liked it so far ~
Unfortunately, yes, you can't really shape MC's personality... The story is pretty linear (maybe I should have mentioned it in the description) and I didn't plan to change it later, but I definitely take note of your feedback for, who knows, a future project ^__^
As for these harsh characters, don't worry, they will calm down eventually (>___<)
Thank you again for your comment, it's really appreciated!